February 23

Are You Trying To Improvise?

This morning I was reading an email from a person I
follow and he was talking about playing guitar.

He’s a jazz guy, and that involves a lot of improvisation.

Meaning basically you’re sort of making up what you
play on the spot as the music guides you.

In jazz and lots of of other kinds of music, it’s amazing.

I used to like to play bluesy music when I was learning
to play guitar (a long time ago).

That’s another example of a type of music that uses
lots of improvisation.

Improvising helps the music maintain a free-flowing,
emotional feel that often touches the listeners more
than something that seems carefully planned out.

But even in music, everything is not always what it

One of the tricks to learning to improvise is to learn
a bunch of different phrases that can be combined over
a part.

And that involves a plan and lots of practice.

Over time it becomes natural and true spontaneous
improvising can take place.

But you know what?

In the gym, improvising your workout is one of the
worst things you can do.

I watch guys do it all the time.

They walk into the gym, do bench press and then stand
up and just sort of survey the area…

Trying to figure out what to do next.

Whatever feels good that day.

That leads to random workouts, only doing you strong
lifts (thus ignoring your weak ones), and ultimately never
making any progress.

Approaching the gym this way is a guaranteed method to
continue looking and lifting exactly the same, no matter
how long you do it.

So if you play an instrument, improvise your heart out.

But when you lift, have a strict plan.

Need help planning?

Join the Facebook Group and ask.

Mattie Fuller


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