December 30

Best Books This Year Part 2


Yesterday I mentioned that Starting Strength was one of
my top books of 2016.

My other best book is not even really related to fitness.

It’s actually a popular psychology book.

It’s called Mindset by Carol Dweck.

(Ironically neither of these books are new in 2016!)

You can really boil this book down to one concept,
even though I think you should still read it.

There are two types of mindsets that people have;
fixed and growth.

People with a fixed mindset believe that they can’t
change their circumstances.

Like people who believe the are genetically doomed
to be fat.

In their head this trait is set in stone and there’s nothing
they can do about it.

People wth a growth mindset basically believe that they
can improve or change if they just work at it.

In my opinion it comes down to being willing to push
through when things are hard.

Growth mindset believes it’s worth it.

Fixed mindset believes it not, because they think they
can’t change.

That was a gross oversimplification, so you still should
give that book a read.

It goes into things that can cause a person to form a
particular mindset, as well as ways to change AND
ways to keep from instilling a fixed mindset in your

Of course it applies directly to fitness, weight loss and

But it’s also extremely valuable as a parent.

It can also help you identify what mindset you’re
operating under.

So there are 2 books I recommend to kick off your

As always, join the Facebook Group so we can discuss.

Looking forward to spending the upcoming year with you,

​​​​​​​Mattie Fuller


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