January 26

Gimmicks and Shiny Objects


Recently Ryan asked a question about Blood Flow
Restriction training.

It’s quite appropriate that this came around the time
of the FOMO message.

Basically it involves doing exercises while using bands
or something to reduce blood flow to the muscles.

Usually bicep curls or something like that.

The theory is that the restricted blood flow causes the
muscle to swell and that’s the first step to growth.

Listen, it’s not like these things absolutely don’t work,
or that no one should do them.

It just that most people haven’t yet maxed out their
potential in the basic exercises.

So this is just a distraction.

One of the big selling points of blood flow restriction
is that it makes the muscles bigger more effectively
than other exercises.

But it’s not a shortcut to big arms.

There is no shortcut to big arms.

If you’re trying to lose the weight, or you’re a smaller
guy trying to get bigger, there’s no other way to do
it than just go with the basic compound lifts.

Then do them right until you are lifting a lot of weight.

You’ll find that as you get stronger,  those muscles
“magically” become bigger.

No matter what your physical goal, getting stronger and
building muscle is what will get you there.

And unfortunately, there are no quick ways to do it.

In fact there’s really only one way.

Incremental, systematic progression in the lifts that
use the most muscle and trigger the greatest hormonal

Stop looking for the easy way and get started doing the
hard stuff.

You’ll be further along in less time.

Have you ever been distracted by another plan that
promised quick results?

We all have.

Tell us what you tried in the Facebook Group.

Mattie Fuller


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