December 29

2 Of The Best Books I’ve Read This Year (part 1)


As I’ve mentioned before, I really like to read.

I can’t think of any other way to tap into the wisdom
of some really smart people for such a small investment.

I think I read around 60 books this year, but a couple
really stood out for me as being very applicable to
health and fitness.

One actually is a fitness book and the other is not.

The first book is one I’ve been talking about a lot

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe.

This book literally changed the way I look at health,
by focusing on strength.

I also binge listened all of the Starting Strength
podcasts as well.

That really helped all the info come together.

But this book is essentially a textbook on how to
become stronger as fast as possible.

And it’s a textbook because it goes into to great
detail on how to perform the exercises properly
complete with physiological diagrams and
explanations to back it up.

Then it provides you with a solid plan that puts
you on what’s called a Linear Progression, which
is the best way to systematically increase your

There a literally thousands of workouts out there,
but this one makes the most sense to me based on
my journey so far.

Beyond that, I’m lifting more with better form (so
​​​​​​​less pain) than at any time in the past.

I highly suggest you check it out.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about my other favorite from 2016.

What about you?

Let’s talk books in the Facebook Group.

Mattie Fuller


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