April 13

A New Beginning…


I’m leaving all the old content up here because it’s interesting to see where I’ve come from.

In endlessly frustrating fashion, my weight and fitness levels have yo-yo’d quite a bit over the last couple of years.

There were highlights, like getting my squat up to 415.

But along with that came bodyweight that elevated way up to around 280 (thank goodness I’m 6’3″, or that would have gotten really ugly…)

And then there were lowlights…

The increased bodyweight was one.

Another was losing my way where training in the weight room was concerned.

After stopping Starting Strength, I struggled to stick to a program with the same consistency that I was accustomed to.

That brought about psychological challenges.

I knew that I should pick something and stick with it, but somehow I had trouble with it.

Then I had conflicting thoughts on nutrition.

Someone would say that carbs were essential for optimum performance…

But my experience told me that eating carbs always prevented me from losing weight.

Then, throw into the mix the fact that things change the older I get (oh yeah… I hit the big 4-0 this past June!)

So, to sum up, I messed up my nutrition and my training…

Interestingly enough, I had found a program that seemed promising, and I was looking forward to continuing…

I had done a week on it, then we left for vacation…

And then the world went crazy with this whole coronavirus thing.

So much for the gym, I guess…

But anyway, when something like that happens, you have to suck it up and keep moving forward somehow.

And I’ve always done better with a specific goal in front of me.

For example, I lost somewhere between 75-80 pounds in a semester, my senior year of college, so that I could go into the Air Force.

Well, I have a goal in front of me now…

Maybe I’ll talk more specifically about it later…

But for now, we’ll just say that I have a target weight that I want to hit.

Aaaaaaand, since I can’t lift weights to help me get there, I guess I’ll be relying on running, walking, and bodyweight movements.

Of course, the biggest strategy will be honing in on the right nutrition to help me shed fat while I exercise.

I learned long ago that I couldn’t just do cardio and eat whatever…

I stayed fat taking that approach.

And now I’ll be documenting this journey.

I’ve been walking pretty consistently, but starting tomorrow I’ll be doing a C25K program to get my running back up to speed, and probably working on some pushups and stuff as well.

Particularly since my initial goal is really to get my weight down.

After that (or hopefully even during) the gyms will open back up and I can hit the weights once again to make this even more effective.

Follow along if you’d like, I’d love to have you!


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