October 21

Impostor Syndrome


It’s fun to be back writing here.

I think your physical health is one of the most important resources you have that’s completely under your control.

Which makes it all the more embarrassing that I have continued to roller coaster my weight.

There’s no one to blame but myself.

But here I am, back to writing about fitness…

Back to working part-time as a trainer at my local gym…

Back to trying to get my weight under control, at age 42 no less!

So, when I think about you reading my writing, and possibly even taking my advice on health and fitness stuff…

And then I can’t help but hear this little voice in the back of my head that says:

Why should you care what I say?

Impostor syndrome!

But hey, let’s be honest…

Some of you probably should care what I have to say.

You’ve got your health and fitness more dialed in than I do.

And if you’re in your 20s… It may seem silly, some of the things that I talk about here!

When I was in my 20s, I lost over 70lbs by eating pasta and running. It didn’t matter what I did, it pretty much worked!

But anyway, if you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting, roller coaster weight loss/gain, or just generally trying to figure out the random things that pop up as you get older…

Maybe some of this will be useful to you!

Further, I’m not here trying to sell you anything (maybe later).

There may exist an opportunity to make an affiliate sale on something I’m using, but the primary goal is to share my experiments with you.

And, in doing that, maybe you’ll stumble upon something that helps you as well!

I’d also love to hear anything that you have to share on any of this stuff, so please leave a comment below.

Also, connect with me on FB and IG.


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